Driving Anxiety


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Dispel Driving Anxiety

Hypnotherapy for driving anxiety

If someone experiences anxiety when driving it is most likely because they are associating driving with fear. Sometimes it’s general anxiety and others it can be attributed to a specific situation such as driving on a motorway.

For someone experiencing driving anxiety, driving causes terrible thoughts: they’re going to crash, they’re going to die, the car is going to break down. This is what Psychologists call the fear response and I need to change it to a relaxation response.

You’ve no doubt know people that can drive without any fear at all and wonder what all the fuss it about.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be one of these lucky people that can stay so calm and relaxed?  It isn’t luck and you can be that way too! In fact you already are like that but you just don’t know it.

They use what we call a relaxation response. This means that instead of feeling anxious, scared or frightening when driving, your mind learns to feel relaxed. Your mind will associate driving with feelings of happiness and calmness while still remaining alert to danger.

Now you understand why some people find it so easy while you may find it so hard.

Let’s change that.

  • Genuine Hypnotherapy session
  • Become a calm confident driver
  • free yourself today!
  • 30 years of successful experience
  • Degree qualified Hypnotherapist
  • 96% success rate

The therapy on this recording is a genuine session of Hypnotherapy. Simply by relaxing and listening to this recording I will give your subconscious mind powerful suggestions that will help you to gain your freedom and overcome your driving anxiety within a matter of days

Instructions for safe and proper use.

  1. find a place that is comfortable and safe for you to relax

  2. Play the recording (it is approx. 30 minutes long)

  3. Listen and enjoy

  4. Although you will start to take immediate effect immediately you should listen once a day for a month to ensure the change is permanent.

This is a genuine session of Hypnotherapy and should not be confused with cheaper inferior products. This recording will induce you into a Hypnotic state, 

Do not use whilst driving or operating machinery.


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