Professional Caring Hypnotherapy by a Traditional Hypnotherapist


Warning – Don’t be fooled into Multiple sessions of Hypnotherapy by a poorly qualified or less than honest Hypnotherapist.

Hypnotherapy by Dr David Postlethwaite traditional HypnotherapistHypnotherapist As a traditional Hypnotherapist I am saddened when I hear that a Hypnotherapist has said that multiple sessions of Hypnotherapy are needed. Because for simple or basic issues only one session is needed. When a therapist does this, it becomes a self-fulfilling prophecy.  The majority of people I see I can help with just one session.

What can Hypnotherapy help you with? 

The list below is a summary of the issues that can be helped with just one session of Hypnotherapy it is by no means complete; please ask if you can’t see what you are looking for:

  • Stopping Smoking or vaping – easily with one session.
  • Losing Weight and keeping a Healthy Lifestyle – No silly Gastric Band Nonsense, achieve weight loss with just one session of traditional Hypnotherapy.
  • Beating Stress, Anxiety or Depression – take control of your life and feelings with one session
  • Overcoming a Fear or Phobia – unlearn your fear.
  • Ending Habits such as Gambling and Alcohol or Drugs
  • Self – Esteem Issues
  • Acute or Chronic Pain Management
  • Relationship Health issues such as Impotence and Frigidity, 
  • Sports Performance
  • Relationship Breakdown – forget the pain of the breakup
  • Physical health such as IBS and Fibromyalgia, can be relieved
  • Children’s Issues
  • Eating Disorders
  • Driving Test Nerves – drive confidently on your test
  • Examination Nerves
  • Motivation

No Nonsense Honest Caring Hypnotherapy Service. 

  • All issues easily resolved with just one session.
  • I won’t make silly offers of free consultations and then pressure you into buying multiple sessions.
  • I have a Doctorate and A Bachelor of Science Degree in Psychology and many postgraduate qualifications in Hypnotherapy, Psychotherapy and Counselling.
  •  A success rate of over 96%.
  •  30 years of experience as a Hypnotherapist.
  • Affordable (my current fee if you come to me is £95, absolutely no hidden extras).
  • A backup session provided at no extra charge (on USB or electronic download).
  • I am a Clinical Hypnotherapist therefore not a stage Hypnotist
  • Live your life to your full potential and the way you want to live it.



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Visit me in my Gateshead Consulting room only £95 or home visits across the Northeast of England from £120.

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