What is Hypnotherapy

What is Hypnotherapy? When I meet a client for the first time one of the questions I always ask is, what is your perception of hypnotherapy, how do you think it is going to feel to be hypnotised?dangerous hypnosis More often than not, their answer relates to stage hypnosis. Nothing could be further from the truth, what you see on the stage is a very elaborate con and is on some occasions dangerous.

What is Hypnotherapy -Hypnosis is a wonderful deep state of relaxation Free Hypnotherapy I will get you very very relaxed, probably more relaxed than you have been for a long time, maybe even your whole life! You will not be in a trance; you will not be asleep and at no point will you ever be out of control. If I tried to steal your watch, then you would know I was doing it, and you would take the appropriate action. Providing what I am doing and saying does not concern you then you enter a lovely daydream state. In almost 30 years of practice, I have never had anyone who didn’t enjoy the experience.

So that you can experience this wonderful sensation I have provided a free sample of Hypnotherapy on my website, please follow this link:



while a person is in this wonderfully relaxed state, their subconscious mind is open to any positive suggestions. Hypnotherapy is extremely successful in helping to stop smoking, losing weight, managing stress or anxiety, overcoming phobias, and much much more.

Visit me in Gateshead only £95 or home visits across the Northeast of England from just £120.

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