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What is Hypnotherapy by Dr David Postlethwaite.

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What is Hypnotherapy a Simple Explanation

The process of hypnosis involves entering a deeply relaxed but focused state like that of daydreaming, it is a little like being in a boring lesson at school. Whilst gazing out of the window the subject is aware of the teacher talking, and also aware of what the child behind is doing, but one’s thoughts being somewhere else. Once in this state, the subjects inner mind, the subconscious is open to positive and beneficial suggestions. I could not ask my subjects to rob a bank for me, unless of course they wanted to rob a bank, but even if they did, I am quite sure they would not want to share it with me.

There are many therapists for you to choose from, some like to keep secret what hypnotherapy is, but I always advice caution when choosing a therapist. Unfortunately, a large number of therapists advertising are very poorly qualified or even unqualified, many have done little more than an online course. Also, many of these poorly qualified therapists will try to persuade their clients that they are going to need multiple sessions, this is nonsense a competent qualified hypnotherapist can help achieve positive results with just one session. I have a degree in Psychology, a doctorate in Psychology and various postgraduate qualifications in Psychotherapy and Counselling. I have been in practice for over 30 years and have an overall success rate of over 96%. I am always happy to take the time to explain what is hypnotherapy. So, when choosing a therapist for hypnotherapy, please use caution.

Hypnotherapy isn’t something that has come along recently it has been practiced for hundreds of years. The first credible work was done in the 17th century by a French doctor called Mesmer. He believed that people were in fact magnetic and that the forces within should line up with magnetic forces of the earth. He believed that if the human magnetic field became misaligned then this would cause what we now refer to as psychological conditions. H would stand his patients in a barrel of water for many hours that had a magnet in, this he believed would realign their magnetic force. Because they were there for many hours he would talk to them, and apparently, he had a very soothing voice and he noted that his patients entered a trance like state, which he believed was due to the magnet in the water. After one session whilst clearing up his assistant noticed that they had forgot to put the magnets in the water, yet the patients had entered the same trance like state. Mesmer quickly realised that the trance like state and subsequent recovery of his patients was nothing to do with magnetism but rather his soothing voice. The process initially became known as Mesmerisation. It was about two hundred years later that a Scottish therapist called Baird coined the phrase Hypnosis.

What is Hypnotherapy and what are the benefits?

Over the centuries many have tried to fathom the question what is hypnotherapy? Hypnosis is an extremely versatile tool that can be used for everything from simple relaxation to pain management in childbirth. It’s enjoyable, and affordable, and the results are lasting. There are no potential negative side effects, and it can give multiple benefits at the same time.

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