Weight Loss Hypnosis

 Weight Loss Hypnosis.

weight loss hypnosis
Why choose weight loss hypnosis? We develop bad relationships with food, these start very early in our lives. When we are babies and we cry, someone will offer us a feed, when we get a little older and fall down and cut our knee, someone will give us a sweet to make it better. When you are unwell someone might buy you a bottle of a certain very sweet drink to make you feel better. When we reach adolescence and start courting we buy each other chocolates or go out for romantic meals, the eating becomes social, we have dinner parties, we go out for a meal to celebrate success. So by the time, we reach adulthood our subconscious mind believes that food means happiness, good health, being loved and having lots of friends…so is it surprising that we become overweight.

  Weight loss hypnosis will change that relationship with food so that the types of food you want changes and the amount you eat changes…without trying!
Professional HypnotherapistUnlike other therapists, I won’t make any ridiculous claims about fitting an imaginary gastric band, but with just one session of traditional weight loss hypnosis, I will help you eat healthily and lose weight.
Visit me in Gateshead only £95 or home visits across the Northeast of England from just £120.
For more information, a confidential chat or to book an appointment:
Tel 0191 4408649
Mobile 07596 673 319
email dr_pos@yahoo.co.uk

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