Stage Hypnosis the Secrets and Dangers

Stage Hypnosis -When you ask what Hypnosis is, the most common response is a description of a stage performer who puts people in a trance and makes them do silly tricks.Stage Hypnosis the dangers Let us think about that image for a moment, imagine if you had that power to make people do whatever you wanted. Think about what you could achieve. Perhaps you could do something noble like hypnotise all the world leaders into ending a war. Maybe you might want to do something more selfish such as persuade your bank manager to give you a million pound overdraft paid back in 300 years. The possibilities are endless, so why would you bother going on stage for just a few pounds a show. In my coming posts, I am going to be revealing the secrets and more importantly the dangers of stage hypnosis.

The secrets

Stage Hypnosis is an elaborate piece of cooperation between the performer and the subject; it works like this.

  1. Imagine you are going to see a stage hypnotist tonight at your local club or theatre, you go along knowing what you are going to see.
  2. You are in one of two frames of mind  you are either thinking that you would love to be up on that stage making a fool of yourself or, like most people, you think I will just watch/
  3. For the moment let us imagine that you are in that first group, you would love to be on that stage, so you get there nice and early in the hope that you are going to be picked…you are so excited.
  4. The hypnotist comes out on stage, he wants some volunteers, but if he asks for five volunteers from the audience, everybody will assume that this is a fix! So he says that he is doing mass hypnosis of the audience, rubbish mass hypnosis is neither possible of legal! He says a few incantations a little showmanship.
  5. Next, he asks the audience to put their hands together, well there is no harm in that so everyone will do that for him…wow at this point you are so excited …is he going to pick you….you grip your hands together excitedly.
  6. The hypnotist tells the audience that their hands are now locked, most people unlock their hands, but a few people like you, who would love to take part, believe your hands to be locked….simply because you are excited and tense…not through any act of mind power!
  7. The hypnotist now selects his volunteers from the audience whose hands are locked, he will explain the fact away that most peoples hands were not locked by saying that only a small percentage of the population can be hypnotised, nonsense the rule is anyone who wants to be hypnotised can be, anybody who doesn’t want to be cant be.
  8. Now the hypnotist takes his volunteers back stage and does hypnotise them, Hypnosis is a very wonderful state of deep relaxation, you are very very relaxed, but you are still aware and conscious, you do know exactly what you are doing.
  9. He then asks his subjects to do some silly tasks, they do know what they are doing, but hey they wanted to be there anyway, and now they are so relaxed they won’t care.
  10. At the end of the show, the subjects will be rejoining their friends and family, who have been having a great laugh at their expense. They will be getting reminded of their stupidity for at least the rest of the night. The hypnotist gives them a wonderful excuse he tells they won’t remember any of this. So when their friends and family start taking the mick, they say ‘oh I don’t remember’ of course they do really! Job did!


Depression Caused by Stage Hypnosis

When a stage hypnotist asks for volunteers usually a large number of people, maybe up to 50, will put themselves forward. Very quickly the hypnotist will whittle down to 15 or 20, take them all into hypnosis as he starts his show. Most stage hypnotists will aim to have 8 to 10 subjects all of whom are in deep hypnosis.

It soon becomes obvious to the stage hypnotist, and to those watching that up to half of the volunteers are not in very deep trance, and not responding to his suggestions as well as the other volunteers are, so the hypnotist sends them back into the audience. He only wants to work with subjects that are in a genuine state of hypnosis so that he can produce these stupid hallucinations and other crazy post-hypnotic suggestions.

 The people he has sent back into the audience because they weren’t in a deep enough state of hypnosis, even though they were in a hypnotic state, may feel, “I wasn’t good enough.” Dangers of stage hypnosisThis rejection and the emotions that come with it may only last a short while, or it could become permanently stuck in their mind.

“The I am not good enough” could cause severe depression, and the person not even aware of the original event that caused it This feeling then becomes trapped in the subconscious mind. In my practice, I have seen a worrying number of clients who are suffering from depression, which when investigated has been directly linked to the tomfoolery of stage hypnosis.

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