Self Harming Hypnotherapy;self-harming is a sign that the person is struggling to cope with certain areas of their life. They harm or have harmed themselves to relieve the emotional and psychological pain. Continually expressing this through physical pain seems to give relief, albeit temporarily.

Self Harming Hypnotherapy

A way of dealing with emotional pain


People do it because it seems to work. Just as an addict uses whatever substance they are addicted to, to manage their emotional and psychological distress. Maybe their chosen method of harm is by cutting. Perhaps they cut themselves in places which are visible or very likely to be seen by those who love and care for them, or maybe they cut themselves in intimate rarely seen places on their body to prevent those people from finding out how poorly they are coping.

I know that cutting is the most well known method of self-harming but not the only one. I would argue that a substance misuse is also a form of self-harming too and I would include food deprivation, eating disorders and any activity which gives a physical relief of emotional and psychological pain.

 Self Harming Hypnotherapy -Self-harming is addictive

Self-harming is a way a person has to deal with the emotional and psychological pain of the hear and now, they have adopted this method to release their mental and emotional suffering. It seems to provide them with a short release from this emotional and psychological pain.

Hypnotherapy self harming

Hypnotherapy can break the cycle

However, once they have experienced the physical effects, the underlying issues are still there and very soon when that emotional pain comes back, the desire for tangible pain returns. They have developed a habit of self-harming with external triggers, such as a particular time of day, or one specific place which you associate with this behaviour. They have developed their routine for their harming with the same urges and triggers as any other addictive behaviour.

I know that this behaviour is not an indication of suicidal thinking. I know that by experiencing this pain, they can temporarily deal with their emotional and psychological distress. Harming is their complicated and misconceived coping mechanism which, like addictive behaviour, helps a person to deal with their feelings, leaving them feeling less anxious, stressed and more in control of their life.

How can therapy help break the cycle of harming forever?

I can help the sufferer to break the vicious psychological circle to self-harm I can help by changing how they see the world, how they feel about themselves. Using Hypnotherapy, I can give the person a new sense of direction, a renewed sense of purpose, a meaningful, fulfilling life.

What is Self Harming Hypnotherapy?

Self Harming Hypnotherapy is a type of therapy that uses hypnosis, which is an altered state of consciousness. At no time during the session, are you in a trance. You are aware of your surroundings. I will guide you into a very relaxed state of mind.

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