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Low self-confidence Hypnotherapy 

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Confidence is very much a state of mind. When we feel

self-confidence Hypnotherapy
Gain self-confidence in 1 session

confident, we like ourselves and believe in our own abilities. When we don’t feel confident, we can become depressed, anxious, feeling unfulfilled and ultimately, unhappy.Low self-confidence is something many people suffer with. It can be a result of many issues, such as fear of the unknown, low self-esteem, or worry of how other people see us. This lack of confidence can prevent us from developing both personally and professionally.

Self-confidence hypnotherapy – What causes low self-confidence?

How we see and feel about ourselves is more often than not influenced by our past experiences, whether positive or negative. The happenings and events we experience in our everyday lives, how we – and those around us – react to those events, can all have a significant impact on how we view ourselves and the world around us. How someone sees themselves may be coloured by their friends, family, colleagues, peers, or even the media. Big, memorable events such as a traumatic experience can have a significant impact and can cause their sense of belief in themselves to reduce, leading to lower confidence.

Self-confidence hypnotherapy

Self-Confidence Hypnotherapy accesses the subconscious mind and utilises the power of suggestion to bring about positive change. I will personalise these suggestions to my client’s needs to help improve their confidence levels. These suggestions will be positive and made in the present tense. For example, the phrase “you feel confident in everything you do” would be used rather than “you no longer doubt yourself”. The theory behind this is that the unconscious can’t differentiate between “you have” and “you no longer have”.

How will self–confidence hypnotherapy work?

Using self-confidence hypnotherapy, I can help my client improve their self-confidence and self-esteem. By accessing their unconscious mind, or inner voice, I will help them start to take control of how they are feeling about themselves, working closely with them to discover what may have caused them to develop low-confidence, and helping them to feel more confident.

A persons inner voice can be their biggest critic, causing them to feel negative about themselves, their thoughts or their actions. Using self-confidence Hypnotherapy, it is possible to overcome these negative thoughts, no matter how deeply embedded they present. I will re-teach their unconscious mind and help them to see themselves in a kinder light. As well as being able to help improve their overall confidence, self-confidence hypnotherapy will help improve their confidence and self-belief around all areas of their lives, such as in work or relationships, or to boost their confidence around a specific goal such as taking a driving test or giving a presentation.

What happens during a self-confidence Hypnotherapy session?

To begin with, I will talk to my client about what they hope to achieve through hypnotherapy. I will more than likely ask questions about their past to try and establish any root causes or triggers for the way they are feeling. I will explain how self-confidence hypnotherapy works; I will tell them more about the process, so they know what to expect.

Once we are both happy with what I plan to do, hypnotherapy will begin. They will be guided into a highly relaxed state. They will not be asleep – they will be aware of what is happening throughout. Once they are in this state, I will communicate with my clients subconscious, using questions and suggestive statements to challenge their limiting beliefs.

What you need to know before trying self-confidence hypnotherapy

As long as you’re seeing a qualified mental health professional who has extensive training in hypnosis, hypnotherapy fear of injections is considered very safe.

The first thing to consider when choosing a hypnotherapist is the practitioner’s qualifications. Look for a degree qualified mental health care professional — such as a psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatric nurse practitioner, counsellor, social worker, or medical doctor — who is also a hypnotherapist. Unfortunately, there are many therapists advertising who have nothing more than an online qualification, they will usually claim to have either a diploma or certificate in Hypnotherapy, these are not recognised qualifications.You can also ask if they’re affiliated with any professional associations, such as the International Hypnotherapy Association.

If for example, a hypnotist uncovers trauma while doing hypnotherapy, they need to know how to treat trauma. In other words, having the education and training to diagnose and treat mental health conditions — which comes from being a degree qualified Psychologist — is a key component in the success of hypnotherapy and of course your safety.

For more information on how to find a qualified hypnotist, visit the following sites:

The international Hypnotherapy Association

Hypnotherapy Directory

Psychology Today

Three best rated

When choosing a hypnotherapist it is very important that you find a reputable and qualified therapist who is a member of and governed by the ethics ad standards of the International Hypnotherapy Association.

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