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Quit Smoking Easily with hypnotherapy

Recent statistics released by the NHS revealed that there are still 15 deaths a day in the Northeast from smoking-related illnesses. This is despite the fact that there are numerous ways to quit smoking available today. Quit SmokingAnother frightening statistic is the fact that smokers have a one in two chance of dying with a smoking-related disease when you really think about it, that’s like playing Russian Roulette, but with three bullets in the chamber instead of only one! I am an ex-smoker myself, I smoke 60 cigarettes a day for the better part of 25 years, so I do know how difficult it can be to quit smoking

Quit smoking easily using Hypnotherapy. There are many different ways available to stop smoking with varying rates of success.  There is of cold turkey, you simply say I am going to stop and you do it, not easy as nicotine is actually more addictive than cannabis.  Many who are trying to stop smoking people will try methods that gradually reduce their nicotine intake such as sprays, gum or patches these are moderately successful, but of course, you still have to completely withdraw the nicotine and at this point, people often start smoking again. A smokers GP may prescribe a drug called Champix which is designed to eliminate the cravings, however, it does come with possible side effects. It can cause sleeplessness and difficulty concentrating, decreased heart rate and increased appetite or weight gain. The most common sideeffect associated with Champix is nausea. Other common side effects include headache, difficulty sleeping and abnormal dreams. Champix may produce dizziness and sleepiness. Not so many years ago there seemed to be new hope for smokers who wanted to quit smoking in the form of electronic cigarettes (vaping) however it now appears that these could be as dangerous or perhaps more than smoking cigarettes. Vaping may not be as safe as smokers think, the Guardian reports.stop smoking easily New research found that mice exposed to e-cigarette vapours comparable to a typical human-level experienced mild lung damage and a reduced immune response to infection. This may be due to the fact that the vapour produced by e-cigarettes contains free radicals (atoms and molecules that are toxic to cells). Mice exposed to e-cigarettes daily for two weeks had increased levels of macrophages in their lungs. Macrophages are a type of white blood cell that removes damaged and dead cells and is evidence of cell damage. These mice also had a worse response when infected with either a bacteria that causes pneumonia or the flu virus.

Quit Smoking Hypnotherapy

Stop smoking hypnotherapyA less invasive method to help you quit smoking is the use of Hypnosis a properly qualified and competent Hypnotherapist can help you to stop smoking with just one session of Hypnotherapy. Within my own practice, I tend to find that most smokers who come to me have already tried most, if not all of the other alternatives and without success! So the people I get are hardened smokers, the most difficult cases, yet I am proud to say that I have a success rate of over 96%.

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