Nervous Coughing and throat clearing instant download




Hypnotherapy for nervous coughing and throat clearing


Because, for a while now, you have been bothered with what is known as a nervous coughing.

You have been reassured that there is nothing physically wrong that is causing the coughing and as you know, this symptom is usually linked to anxiety, which is why it seems to surface whenever you feel under stress.

I don’t know why this nervous coughing started but it is very likely to have been a response to a situation in the past where you felt that you had to suppress yourself in some way – and this response soon became a conditioned response to future anxieties.

We can change these patterns we set up for ourselves by creating new and healthy alternatives, eliminating nervous coughing – and we are going to do this, with the help of your wonderful, subconscious mind.

But first of all, it would be inter


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