Fear of Cats


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Fear of Cats Hypnotherapy

Do you panic and want to run away when you see a cat?

Even a picture, or thinking of a cat enough to make you sweat!

Some people may have a good reason to stay clear of cats, because they are allergic to cat fur. Allergic reactions range from sneezing to asthma to skin irritations and none of them are fun. So it is sensible to avoid the cause of the problem. However most people who panic when they come into contact with a cat are not concerned about just sneezing.

There s no need to understand the specific cause for your fear of cats

Unfortunately there are some therapists who will tell you that you must have multiple sessions to first identify the cause of your fear of cats, this is utter nonsense. Someone with a cat phobia may not,  be worrying about anything specific to cats.. When they see a cat they just get gripped with an unbelievable feeling of high anxiety – heart pounding, pulse racing, knot in the gut, sweaty palms and an irresistible urge to get out of there as fast as possible in Psychology we call this the fight or flight response..

Trying to use logic to talk yourself out of being scared of cats has no effect. You know perfectly well that cats are friendly and harmless animals that many people love to have as pets. Knowing is of no help. You still have the uncomfortable, frightening feelings in spite of what you know about cats.

Why hypnotherapy is the purrfect way to beat your cat phobia

The recording uses powerful hypnotic suggestions to eliminate the emotional link in your subconscious mind between cats and fear.

As you relax daily to this download, you’ll notice that

  • the anxious feelings will  melt away
  • you enjoy a wonderful feeling of relaxation and calm
  • meeting cats no longer worries you
  • you pay no attention to cats
  • meeting with cats cease to be of any importance to you
  • Genuine Hypnotherapy session.

  • Noticeable change within one week.

  • Degree qualified therapist.

  • Member of Hypnotherapy Association.

  • 30 years of successful experience.

  • 96% success rate.

The therapy on this recording is a genuine session of Hypnotherapy. Simply by relaxing and listening to this recording I will give your subconscious mind powerful suggestions that will help you to quickly overcome your fear of  cats once and for all.

Instructions for safe and proper use.

  1. find a place that is comfortable and safe for you to relax

  2. Play the recording (it is approx. 30 minutes long)

  3. Listen and enjoy

  4. To ensure a permanent change use at least once a day for one month (you can use as much as you like you cannot overdose with relaxation)

This is a genuine session of Hypnotherapy and should not be confused with cheaper inferior products. This recording will induce you into a hypnotic state. 

Do not use whilst driving or operating machinery.


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