Fear of Anesthetics


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Fear of Anesthetics Hypnotherapy

Hypnotherapy fear of anesthetics: Fear of Anesthetics is widespread, and understandably so. It certainly is not natural to be anaesthetized. We artificially create it using chemical and drugs. When someone is anaesthetized, they are unconscious, and everything is out of their control. They neither know what is happening nor can they control anything which happens. We all value monitoring our situation, and we dread powerlessness above all other things. So dreading having anesthesia is a perfectly normal reaction.

I will take my client to a state of profound relaxation in which I can reprogram the flight or fight response.

Using Fear of  Anesthetics Hypnotherapy, I will teach them how to naturally calm down their fears and feel increasingly comfortable with the idea of using anesthesia appropriately for their surgical needs.

  • Genuine Hypnotherapy session.

  • Noticeable change within one week.

  • Degree qualified therapist.

  • Member of Hypnotherapy Association.

  • 30 years of successful experience.

  • 96% success rate.

The therapy on this recording is a genuine session of Hypnotherapy. Simply by relaxing and listening to this recording I will give your subconscious mind powerful suggestions that will help you to quickly overcome your fear of anesthetics once and for all.

Instructions for safe and proper use.

  1. find a place that is comfortable and safe for you to relax


  2. Play the recording (it is approx. 30 minutes long)

  3. Listen and enjoy


  4. To ensure a permanent change use at least once a day for one month (you can use as much as you like you cannot overdose with relaxation)


This is a genuine session of Hypnotherapy and should not be confused with cheaper inferior products. This recording will induce you into a hypnotic state. 

Do not use whilst driving or operating machinery.


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