Drug and Alcohol Dependence


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Drug and Alcohol dependence Hypnotherapy

Drugs and alcohol are often used in an attempt to cope with difficult emotions, and because of the way the brain responds, people can quickly become addicted.

According to the NHS, more of us are struggling with addiction. In 2015/16 there was a 6% rise in hospital admissions with a diagnosis of drug-related mental health and behavioural disorders. This is 11% higher than 2005/06.

Managing an addiction can be hard, affecting all areas of your life, including work, relationships and both your mental and physical health. Hypnotherapy for drug & alcohol dependence can form part of your recovery.

I will encourage you to settle into a state of deep relaxation. In this state it’s believed that your unconscious (the part of your mind that runs without you knowing) is more open to suggestion.

I will include suggestions about not needing drugs & Alcohol anymore or associating drug & alcohol taking with something unpleasant.

  • Genuine Hypnotherapy session.

  • Noticeable change within one week.

  • Degree qualified therapist.

  • Member of Hypnotherapy Association.

  • 30 years of successful experience.

  • 96% success rate.

The therapy on this recording is a genuine session of Hypnotherapy. Simply by relaxing and listening to this recording I will give your subconscious mind powerful suggestions that will help you free yourself from the need for alcohol and drugs.

Instructions for safe and proper use.

  1. find a place that is comfortable and safe for you to relax


  2. Play the recording (it is approx. 30 minutes long)

  3. Listen and enjoy


  4. To ensure a permanent change use at least once a day for one month (you can use as much as you like you cannot overdose with relaxation)


This is a genuine session of Hypnotherapy and should not be confused with cheaper inferior products. This recording will induce you into a hypnotic state. 

Do not use whilst driving or operating machinery.


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