Pregnancy and Hypnotherapy

Pregnancy Hypnotherapy and childbirth

Pregnancy Hypnotherapy uses hypnosis – an altered state of consciousness – to help mothers-to-be comfortably relax and unwind. By working with the subconscious mind, it helps to break habits or stop unwanted physical responses.
Hypnotherapy is used mainly in pregnancy to relieve morning sickness ease anxiety and relieve pain in childbirth. It’s also thought to help mums-to-be manage discomfort and tackle postnatal depression.
I will start a meeting with my client with a friendly and informal chat – finding out what they want to achieve. Then I will ask them to either sit in a chair or lie on the couch and let themselves drift off. It might feel surprisingly familiar. If they have ever gone into a daydream during a boring meeting – staring out the window and drifting into a world of their own – they were in an altered state similar to hypnosis.
During the session, they’ll be aware of what’s going on, hearing the traffic outside, but they’ll feel wonderfully relaxed.
Visit me in Gateshead only £95 or home visits across the Northeast of England from just £120.
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