Pain relief Hypnotherapy

For a long period before painkillers and anaesthetics, pain relief Hypnotherapy was very effectively used to control and eliminate pain. Furthermore, It has been used even as an anaesthetic to conduct major surgery. Moreover, research has shown that hypnotherapy – anaesthesia significantly boosts the immune system.

Historical roots

In the first half of the nineteenth century, Scottish surgeon, Dr James Esdaile studied the ability of hypnosis to control and eliminate pain. Consequently, he performed thousands of surgical operations, using hypnosis to induce anaesthesia. The patients said they felt no pain. The surgery ranged from major medical procedures to routine operations.
Our Sub Conscious mind is potent, and pain is influenced by a person’s emotions and beliefs. Therefore, pain relief Hypnotherapy is a mental attitude and is beneficial for the process of healing. By using pain relief Hypnotherapy, anyone can take control of physical sensations in their body. Actively taking personal responsibility and harnessing inner resources, leads to a better quality of life.
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