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Lose Weight Hypnotherapy – Forget what you’ve heard about gently swaying beads or sharp clicks, Lose weight hypnotherapy is more mainstream (and less David Blaine) than you may think. A complementary treatment – meaning it works alongside conventional practices – lose weight hypnotherapy can prove to be the method to help people come unstuck when it comes to their healthy weight loss efforts.

Reportedly used by celebs, think Adele, Jen An and Nigella Lawson, lose weight hypnotherapy works by “rewiring” the limiting thoughts and feelings that keep people losing and gaining weight regularly – aka crash dieting. Here’s what you need to know about the weight loss approach, as reported by consultant hypnotherapist Dr David Postlethwaite.

What is Lose Weight Hypnotherapy?

If someone is trying to lose weight but struggling, lose weight hypnotherapy may have popped up as an option. Today, let’s start with the basics: What is it and when should it be used?

Lose weight hypnotherapy is the application of hypnotherapy: a therapy which studies the trance of the subjects everyday experience to help them rewrite unwanted thoughts, behaviours and emotions.

In simple terms, hypnotherapy for weight loss is the process of hypnotising a patient into a deeply relaxed state. I will use different techniques and methods to change thought patters and bring about behavioural changes.

Lose weight hypnotherapy can be used to help someone understand why they are struggling to maintain or get to a weight that they are happy with, or help them to the reasons why they might be sabotaging achieving any success.  Hypnotherapy is an effective tool that works with the imagination and uses the way that a person thinks to better your life.’

What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is defined as an altered state of awareness in which you appear to be asleep or in a trance. Clinical hypnosis may be used to treat certain physical or psychological problems. For instance, it is frequently used to help patients control pain. It is also used in a wide range of other conditions such as weight issues, speech disorders, and addiction problems and of course Stop smoking hypnosis.

There is debate about how hypnosis works. Some people believe that when you are hypnotized, you relax and concentrate more, and are more willing to listen to suggestions — such as giving up smoking, for example.

Even though you appear to be in a trance during hypnosis, you are not unconscious. You are still aware of your surroundings, and — despite what many stage performers may claim during an entertaining show — you cannot be made to do anything against your will. In fact, brain tests performed on patients during hypnotism sessions have shown a high level of neurological activity.


What’s Involved in Lose Weight Hypnotherapy

The process of hypnosis involves entering a deeply relaxed but focused state (like that of daydreaming, it is a little like being in a boring lesson at school, being aware of the teacher talking, being aware of what the child behind is doing, but one’s thoughts being somewhere else). Once in this state, it involves making suggestions for your subconscious mind to accept.

There are many therapists for you to choose from, but I always advice caution when choosing a therapist. Unfortunately, a large number of therapists advertising are very poorly qualified, many have done little more than an online course. Also, many therapists will try to persuade their clients that they are going to need multiple sessions, this is nonsense a competent qualified hypnotherapist can help achieve positive results with just one session. I myself have a degree in Psychology, a doctorate in Psychology and various postgraduate qualifications in Psychotherapy and Counselling. I have been in practice for over 30 years and have an overall success rate of over 96%.  So when choosing a therapist for hypnotherapy for stress, please use caution.

Benefits of Lose Weight Hypnotherapy

Hypnosis is an extremely versatile tool that can be used for everything from simple relaxation to pain management in childbirth. It’s enjoyable, and affordable, and the results are lasting. There are no potential negative side effects, and it can give multiple benefits at the same time.

All issues can be easily helped using just one session, visit me in my Gateshead consulting room only £95 absolutely no hidden extra charges.

For anyone that lives to far away to visit me or has a very limited budget I do offer all my therapies as instant electronic downloads at only £24.95 each. For more information click here.

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