Hypnotic Gastric Band – The Big Scam

Virtual Gastric Band – The Myths and The Facts

If you want to lose weight easily, please read this!

Weight Control is easily achieved with Traditional Hypnotherapy – Virtual Gastric Band is a Con

Hypnosis has for many years been successfully used to help people manage their weight.weight loss A traditional approach has always been to using hypnosis re-educate the persons subconscious about how much they like to eat and what they like to eat. Traditionally any respectable properly qualified therapist can bring this about with one session of Hypnotherapy. Of course, there have always been some therapists, perhaps because they are incompetent, poorly qualified or even dishonest who would try and stretch it over multiple sessions, in the process making more money.

Don’t be fooled

More recently a new trend has emerged, Virtual Gastric Band Hypnotherapy. This treatment supposedly involves the therapist convincing you that they have fitted a gastric band whilst you were in the hypnotic state. When I first learned of this new trend Virtual Gastric BandI thought it sounded something like the Psychic Surgeons who in the 1970s and 80s who would claim to carry out major surgery without the use of anaesthetics or knives. If you had a diseased organ or perhaps a tumour, they would claim to remove it from you. They often appeared on television carrying out these miraculous operations. Their hands would appear to enter the body and seconds later would reappear with some blood and bodily tissue.


They were always reluctant to allow the cameras too close and would never provide the removed tissue for examination. However on one occasion when they were removing a gentleman’s diseased kidney, unbeknown to them he was an investigative journalist he quickly grabbed the organ they had claimed to have removed and it turned out to be a sheep’s kidney, that was the end of Psychic surgery.

The Virtual Gastric Band Con

As the trend for Hypnotic Gastric Band grew, and there were growing reports of its success. I myself decided I would further my own professional development and undertake a training course in the said method. Alarm bells began to ring immediately as every course I enquired after told me how I could dramatically increase my income by offering virtual gastric band treatment. I chose what seemed to be the least dubious of the courses, paid my money and enrolled.

The training told us that when we had a client, Hypnotic Gastric Bandwe should spread the treatment over at least three sessions, they suggested that an appropriate fee would be between £800 and £1200. The treatment takes the following course:

Session 1 Get to know your client, we were advised to spend about an hour talking to the client about their medical history, none of which is at all relevant, but as the trainer informed us “This will fill an hour and make you look professional” It was even suggested that if you had a particularly gullible client you could spread this over two sessions and make even more money!

Session 2 This is where you would induce your client into Hypnosis and implant the virtual gastric band. We were provided with a Cd of operating theatre sound effects “to add realism” we were told. By now I was becoming increasingly concerned that this, like the Psychic surgeons, was an elaborate con!

Session 3 We were told that during the final session with our client we should carry out whatever was our normal weight control Hypnotherapy…Really!

So it is my opinion that whilst Hypnotherapy can definitely help with weight loss, the idea of a virtual gastric band is as much of a con as the psychic surgeons. Yes, Virtual Gastric Band Therapy does seem to be successful, but only because a traditional weight loss hypnotherapy has been carried out.

It is my professional opinion that there is absolutely no need to have expensive multiple session of Hypnotherapy, one traditional weight loss Hypnotherapy will have exactly the same results, and will save you a lot of money.

So if you would like to take control of your weight, but don’t really want to spend hundreds or even thousands of pounds on completely unnecessary therapy then visit me in Gateshead where I will help you to control your weight with one easy and affordable session of Hypnotherapy.

Visit me in Gateshead only £95 or home visits across the Northeast of England from just £120.

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