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Hypnotherapy Pass Driving test, I regularly receive inquiries from people wanting help in overcoming their driving test nerves. Types of issues can range from an overwhelming feeling of anxiety about the test to more specific anxieties related to a particular manoeuvre required during the test.

Hypnotherapy Pass Driving test

Hypnotherapy Pass Driving test – The vast majority of people I see are very capable drivers and have no anxieties during their driving lessons. Some have taken their test previously, either once or have had several attempts. Others just want a little boost to make sure they are feeling absolutely calm confident before sitting their test for the first time. If someone has taken their test previously they may have had a bad experience or failed due to a few simple errors. This experience may have caused a few doubts in their mind about their ability to pass the test. This can then turn into a limiting belief, backed up by every failed attempt they make at passing their test.

So what exactly causes nerves or anxiety?

It all starts with the subconscious mind and how someone thinks about, and process experiences and future events. Humans essentially have two different parts to their minds, the conscious mind which thinks about what they want to happen, and the subconscious mind which brings in the fear and doubt. When these two parts of the mind are in conflict, the imagination wins.

Hypnotherapy Pass Driving test

Expel driving test nerves with Hypnotherapy

So from a driving test perspective, the conscious mind thinks: “I’m going to pass my driving test”. The subconscious mind comes in with fear and doubt, answering “But what if I don’t? I’m going to get something wrong, I’m going to forget everything and just freeze. Just look what happened the last time, I got really anxious and stressed and forgot to indicate and check your mirrors.” As soon as there is a conflict between the two, the subconscious wins and overrides the conscious mind. The learner driver start imagining the worst case scenario and messing up a manoeuvre, feeling really nervous and stressed.

When the mind imagines the worst-case scenario, it is like  playing a horror movie in the head. This then feeds down to the body and the body responds with physical symptoms of stress and anxiety. The person may experience an upset stomach, sweaty palms, hyperventilating, heart palpitations and they feel as if they can’t remember anything that they have learned from their driving lessons. This is obviously not a good situation to be in just before or during the test!

How can Hypnotherapy help?

Hypnotherapy is a wonderful tool to help anyone overcome their driving test nerves. During the Hypnotherapy session I am able to bypass the conscious mind and firmly put suggestions into the subconscious to enable the two parts of the mind to work together as one. By doing this, I am able to start training the subconscious mind to work with in harmony, rather than against itself.

Driving test nerves

Pass with ease using Hypnotherapy







In this situation, I can run through an ideal driving test in the mind whilst in hypnosis. Now instead of playing a horror movie of everything going wrong, I can suggest everything going correctly, leaving them feeling nice and calm, relaxed and in full control. I can go through all parts of the test in their mind, with them feeling how they would like to feel during their test. 

What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a type of therapy that uses hypnosis, which is an altered state of consciousness. Contrary to myth and popular belief at no time during the session are you in a trance or unaware of your surroundings, instead, you are in a very relaxed state of mind.

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