Hypnotherapy for Phobias

Hypnotherapy for Phobias -what is a phobia? By Dr David Postlethwaite PhD. BSc.

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Hypnotherapy for Phobias -Phobias are far more common than you may think. It is estimated that more than 11% of UK adults have irrational fear.

A phobia is an irrational fear, a fear without logic. People with phobias have unwanted reactions to a range of stimuli including animals, insects, objects, actions or places.

In psychology this physical response is known as a stress response. My clients often describe this as being ‘paralysed with fear’ or ‘having butterflies in my stomach’ or ‘just wanting to run away’ from whatever is causing the response. My clients will often know that their response is illogical, making it harder to understand or accept, with Hypnotherapy for phobias they will conquer their fear. . People often manage their phobia on a day-to-day basis by avoiding the cause and they only contact me when it becomes a serious problem or significantly impairs their life. Sometimes people are motivated to seek help because they don’t want their children to learn the phobia whatever the reason hypnotherapy for phobias gives them their lives back.

Hypnotherapy for phobias – the most common phobias seen I deal with are:

Fear of confined spaces

Fear of dentists

Fear of dogs

Fear of flying

Fear of heights

Fear of needles

Fear of pregnancy

Fear of sickness

Fear of spiders and other insects

Fear of water

How do people get phobias?

An irrational fear is a learned behaviour, perhaps from a parent or through a traumatic experience. As a child we learn our fears from (consciously and unconsciously) how to live and relate to the world around us. If a parent is frightened of dogs the child’s instinctive response and the message hardwired in the brain may be that dogs are a threat. Over time, the child avoids dogs and avoiding the cause is likely to compound the fear and make it worse.

How does hypnotherapy for phobias help?

I have a range of different therapeutic tools I can use to benefit my clients with a phobia. My approach may depend on whether the root cause of the phobia is known, how it is viewed by my client and how receptive my client is to change. Phobias can be resolved or reduced in one session.

All issues can be easily helped using just one session, visit me in my Gateshead consulting room only £95 absolutely no hidden extra charges.

For anyone that lives to far away to visit me or has a very limited budget I do offer all my therapies as instant electronic downloads at only £24.95 each. For more information click here.

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