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Hypnotherapy for confidence – confidence is a state of mind. When we feel

Hypnotherapy for confidence
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confident, we accept ourselves and believe in our abilities. When we don’t feel confident, we can become stressed, anxious, unfulfilled and ultimately, unhappy. Here we explore how hypnotherapy can help us build confidence.Low self-confidence is something many of us suffer with. It can be a result of many factors, such as fear of the unknown, low self-esteem, or fear of how other people see us. This lack of confidence can hold us back from developing both personally and professionally, however hypnotherapy for confidence an certainly combat this.

Hypnotherapy for Confidence – What causes low self-confidence?

How we feel about ourselves is often influenced by our past experiences, both positive and negative. The things we experience in our everyday lives, how we – and those around us – react to those events, can all have a significant impact on how we view ourselves and the world around us.

How we see ourselves may be influenced by friends, family, colleagues, peers, or even the media. Big, memorable events such as a traumatic experience can have a significant impact and can cause our sense of belief in ourselves to lower, leading to lower confidence.

The difference between self-esteem and self-confidence

While self-confidence and self-esteem are usually linked, they are not the same thing. When we talk about self-confidence, we are referring to the way we feel about our ability to carry out tasks and roles. Self-esteem refers to the way we feel about ourselves – the way we look, behave, and think.

Those with low self-esteem generally have low self-confidence too. Having said this, people with low self-esteem can have confidence in certain areas and those with high self-esteem may lack confidence in certain areas.

Having confidence in your abilities does not mean performing tasks perfectly. In fact, a big part of having self-confidence is knowing how to deal with mistakes when they occur. Having confidence can make a huge difference in many areas of our lives. Two key areas that benefit are your career and relationships.

Career – Lacking confidence at work can stop you from voicing your opinion and trying new things. This can hinder your progression and stunt your development. Hypnotherapy for confidence will help you by building confidence at work can help you reach your full potential and ensure your voice is heard.

Relationships – When you have low self-confidence it can affect your relationships with friends, family, and partners. It may hold you back from meeting people or cause you to isolate yourself socially. Hypnotherapy for confidence will help by improving this can help you feel more comfortable in social environments.

If you feel you could benefit from building your confidence, hypnotherapy for confidence is a safe and effective way to make a positive, long-lasting change.

Hypnotherapy for confidence

Have you ever met someone who despite constant reassurance and approval, lacks confidence in their abilities? Or perhaps you know someone who thinks they are fantastic at what they do, despite other people telling them otherwise?

This happens because our unconscious holds a set of beliefs about us that stay the same, regardless of external factors. So, a singer who believes deep in their unconscious that they have a terrible voice will likely avoid performing, even if people tell them they have a great voice.

So, how do we overcome these deep-seated beliefs? As these beliefs dwell in our unconscious, this is where the change must take place.

Hypnotherapy accesses the unconscious mind and uses the power of suggestion to facilitate positive change. These suggestions can be tailored to help improve confidence levels. Generally, these suggestions will be positive and made in the present tense. For example, the phrase “you feel confident in everything you do” would be used rather than “you no longer doubt yourself”. The theory behind this is that the unconscious can’t differentiate between “you have” and “you no longer have”.

How can hypnotherapy for confidence help improve my confidence?

Hypnotherapy for confidence can help some people improve their self-confidence and self-esteem. By accessing your unconscious mind, or inner voice, I will help someone start to take control of how they are feeling about themselves, working with them to discover what may have caused them to develop low-confidence, and helping them to feel more confident.

Their inner voice can feel like their biggest critic, causing them to feel bad about themselves, their thoughts or their actions. But it is possible to overcome these negative thoughts, no matter how deeply embedded they may seem. I can help to re-teach the unconscious mind and help them to see themselves in a kinder light. As well as being able to help improve their overall confidence, hypnosis can help improve their confidence and self-belief around specific areas, such as in work or relationships, or to boost their confidence around a specific goal such as taking a driving test or giving a presentation.


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What Is Hypnosis?

Hypnosis is defined as an altered state of awareness in which them appear to be asleep or in a trance. Clinical hypnosis may be used to treat certain physical or psychological problems. For instance, it is frequently used to help patients control pain. It is also used in a wide range of other conditions such as weight issues, speech disorders, and addiction problems and of course Stop smoking hypnosis.

There is debate about how hypnosis works. Some people believe that when them are hypnotized, them relax and concentrate more, and are more willing to listen to suggestions — such as giving up smoking, for example.

Even though them appear to be in a trance during hypnosis, them are not unconscious. Them are still aware of them surroundings, and — despite what many stage performers may claim during an entertaining show — them cannot be made to do anything against them will. In fact, brain tests performed on patients during hypnotism sessions have shown a high level of neurological activity.


What’s Involved in Hypnotherapy for Confidence

The process of hypnosis involves entering a deeply relaxed but focused state (like that of daydreaming, it is a little like being in a boring lesson at school, being aware of the teacher talking, being aware of what the child behind is doing, but one’s thoughts being somewhere else). Once in this state, it involves making suggestions for the subconscious mind to accept.

There are many therapists for them to choose from, but I always advice caution when choosing a therapist. Unfortunately, a large number of therapists advertising are very poorly qualified, many have done little more than an online course. Also, many therapists will try to persuade their clients that they are going to need multiple sessions, this is nonsense a competent qualified hypnotherapist can help achieve positive results with just one session. I myself have a degree in Psychology, a doctorate in Psychology and various postgraduate qualifications in Psychotherapy and Counselling. I have been in practice for over 30 years and have an overall success rate of over 96%.  So when choosing a therapist for hypnotherapy for stress, please use caution.

Benefits of Hypnotherapy for Confidence

Hypnosis is an extremely versatile tool that can be used for everything from simple relaxation to pain management in childbirth. It’s enjoyable, and affordable, and the results are lasting. There are no potential negative side effects, and it can give multiple benefits at the same time.

All issues can be easily helped using just one session, visit me in my Gateshead consulting room only £95 absolutely no hidden extra charges.

For anyone that lives to far away to visit me or has a very limited budget I do offer all my therapies as instant electronic downloads at only £24.95 each. For more information click here.

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