Hypnotherapy for Cocaine Dependence

Hypnotherapy for cocaine

Hypnotherapy for Cocaine Dependence

Although most of my day is spent helping people with issues such as smoking, weight, phobias, anxiety and stress I am beginning to see a sharp rise in the number of people seeking Hypnotherapy for Cocaine Dependence.  I have been in practice for almost 30 years, yet it was only five years ago that I was first approached by a client seeking hypnotherapy for Cocaine Dependence. Now I see an average of three clients a week seeking hypnotherapy for cocaine dependence.

If you or someone you know is dependent upon Cocaine and they would really like to free themselves then Hypnotherapy will be able to help them.

The process is relatively simple:

  1. You will come to see me in my Gateshead consulting room, we would have a chat, I would find out a little about you, your life and of course your relationship with cocaine.
  2. Based upon what I found out I would then give you a face to  face session of Hypnotherapy.
  3. After the session I would give you a back up session on USB or electronic download for your own use. (unlike some other poorly qualified or dishonest therapists I wont convince you to come back for multiple unnecessary sessions, you will take your session away with you.)
  4. You will leave my office to start your new life with the ability to choose not to take cocaine. 


Visit me in Gateshead only £95.

For more information, a confidential chat or to book an appointment:

For more information please feel free to use the contact form below, or telephone me on

0191 440 8649 or mobile 07596 673 319.

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    Visit me in my Gateshead Consulting room only £95.


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