Hypnotherapy for Cocaine Dependence

Hypnotherapy for Cocaine dependence

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Hypnotherapy for cocaine dependence in the last decade or so it seems

Hypnotherapy for Cocaine dependence
Free yourself with one session

like cocaine is readily available everywhere, availability has risen, the price has dropped considerably and therefore what was once seen as an occasional-party-drug has become a weekly or even daily part of life for many people. A cocaine dependence can develop without you even noticing until it becomes a threat to a relationship, your job or physical health. When I first started practising hypnotherapy the most popular therapy was stopping smoking, today hypnotherapy for cocaine dependence is the most regular thing I am called upon to do.

Can hypnotherapy for cocaine dependence help?

There has been much empirical scientific research into this subject, evidence exists for the considerable success of hypnotherapy with people who have  a cocaine dependency (Page & Handley 1993, Potter 2004).  These studies demonstrate that the two most important factors in creating success and freeing someone from their dependence, these are:


1)    Motivation – the patient needs a clear idea of how they will benefit. This could be in different ways for some the motivation may be purely financial, for others it may be about keeping their job and for some about saving their relationship.

2)    Compliance with therapy –Turning up to the session, using the backup session provided on a regular basis etc. (Potter 2004)

So as long as you are willing to put the effort in and have a good reason there is no reason why hypnotherapy for cocaine dependence should not help you to overcome your cocaine dependence.

How does hypnotherapy for cocaine dependence help you?

There are several key components:

Magnification of motivation – your existing motivations can be made clearer and more real through suggestions and imagery which I will give you when you are in the relaxed state of hypnosis. These are aimed at longer term goal directed living.

Systematic desensitisation – a psychological technique used by behavioural psychologists incorporating mental graded exposure with hypnotic relaxation this has the effect of reducing the desire created by ‘triggers’ for use and past experiences. (Kraft 1991).

Cognitive reappraisal and reframing – tis involves a combination of traditional hypnotic suggestions approaches to help adopt new thought patterns and to change the relationship of my client to their thoughts. (Carroll 1998)

Self-hypnosis – after your face to face session I will provide you with a back up session on USB encouraging exercises in self-hypnosis are used to enhance the therapy and prevent relapse (Pekala et al 2004).

Considering hypnotherapy for cocaine dependence?

What do I need to do next?

If you are serious about overcoming a cocaine addiction, you need to:

1)    Identify why you are giving it up?

2)    Decided to commit to whatever you have to; attending sessions, practicing self-hypnosis.

3)    Identify a hypnotherapist with experience in working with cocaine addiction. It is important that you find a capable and properly qualified therapist. I am degree qualified I have over 30 years’ experience and clinical practice

Hypnotherapy for cocaine dependence are you struggling to cut down your cocaine use?

Do you have a strong and possibly uncontrollable desire to use cocaine? Often cocaine is a habit which involves social situations. I have observed that drinking alcohol can also be a contributing factor in cocaine use with many of my clients. they may use cocaine socially and you would now like to reduce that down. I will support my client to change their relationship with cocaine, reduce their use and feelings of dependency. 

Only one session will be needed, during this session I will look at the underlying reasons for my client’s cocaine habit. For example, has cocaine begun to affect important aspects of their life? Do they use cocaine to feel more confident, to numb themselves or suppress emotions and feelings that are uncomfortable?

During the session, my client will begin to find new ways to do well with challenges and thereby reduce the role of cocaine in their life. They may decide that reducing consumption is the end goal or complete abstinence is preferable. This is something they will decide together with me. Of course, ultimately this is their decision. Using hypnotherapy and the backup session I provide, they will soon find new ways to cope with life.

When choosing a hypnotherapist it is very important that you find a reputable and qualified therapist who is a member of and governed by the ethics ad standards of the International Hypnotherapy Association.

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