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Hypnotherapy Anxiety – for stress and anxiety

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Hypnotherapy anxiety is an excellent way of managing and overcoming stress or anxiety. Stress can manifest itself in many ways, it can make a

Hypnotherapy  anxiety
Overcome anxiety with just 1 session

person feel anxious or depressed, it can affect their feelings of self-worth, and in severe cases can cause real physical illness. Many digestive disorders are often caused or aggravated by stress. Research has shown that when the human body is subjected to stress then the number of T cells is significantly reduced, T cells are extremely important for our ongoing health as they form an integral part of our immune system. There is research evidence that high levels of stress and low T Cells have been linked to cancer.

What happens during a session of Hypnotherapy anxiety?

So, what happens when you come to see me for a session of Hypnotherapy anxiety? Well first of all forget everything you have seen on the stage; I am not going to swing a pocket watch or flick my fingers and put you into a trance and I am certainly not going to ask you to perform any silly tricks. You may be quite surprised to learn that you are never going to lose control at any time, you will be conscious throughout. You will be extremely relaxed, probably more relaxed than you have been for some time. You will be in a sort of daydream state, I often liken it to when you were at school, in the most boring lesson ever, you were sitting gazing out of the window, perhaps watching the cars go by, you were aware the teacher was talking, you knew the what the child behind you was doing, but you were somewhere else. When the human mind is taken into a state of hypnosis the body enters a state of deep relaxation, this relaxation alone will have a positive effect on the body’s stress level, coupled with powerful positive suggestions Hypnotherapy anxiety can bring about positive lasting changes. It is also important to note that changes brought about through Hypnotherapy are usually permanent so your session of Hypnotherapy anxiety will have lasting positive effects.


The process of Hypnotherapy anxiety is relatively simple:

You will come to see me in my Gateshead consulting room, we would have a friendly and completely confidential chat, during which I would find out a little about you, your life and of course how stress and anxiety are impacting on your life and establish how Hypnotherapy anxiety could bring about positive change in your life.

Based upon what I found out I would then give you a face-to-face session of Hypnotherapy anxiety.

After our face-to-face session of Hypnotherapy anxiety, I would give you a backup session on USB or electronic download for your own use. (Unlike some other poorly qualified or dishonest therapists I won’t convince you to come back for multiple unnecessary sessions, you will take your session away with you.)

You will leave my office and day by day your stress and anxiety will gradually reduce, you would notice changes within days and be completely free from dangerous stress within three to four weeks.


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