Hypnosis the Dangers

Hypnosis the Dangers, are you looking to make a positive change to your life?hypnotherapy the truth Perhaps you would like to stop smoking, lose weight, overcome an addiction, beat stress or overcome a phobia. Then Hypnotherapy can certainly help you but be aware of hypnosis dangers.

When choosing your therapist you must use great caution because unfortunately there is a growing number of poorly qualified and often unscrupulous individuals claiming they are qualified to address your problems or issues.  So when choosing your therapist here are some things to look for:


You will see a large number of individuals who advertise their qualifications as Dip., Cur., Hyp whilst this is an essential qualification, by itself it means nothing. hypnosis dangersThis simply means that the individual has the ability to induce hypnosis, similar to saying a butcher can use a knife….but would you let your local butcher perform medical surgery on you, I hope not! So having established that they can at least induce hypnosis you need to know that they know what they are doing, take my word poorly qualified therapists can do more harm than good! You need to make sure that at the very least they have a recognised degree in Psychology (BSc Psychol) I have of course the Dip., Cur., Hyp., I have a BSc in Psychology, a PhD in Psychology, and various post-graduate qualifications in Psychotherapy and counselling.


is the individual a member of an accredited Hypnotherapy Associationgoverning body who is overseeing their practice and ensuring that they are working to a stringent code of ethics and guidelines, such as the Hypnotherapy Association.



Insurance –

It is highly unlikely that a properly qualified therapist will do you harm, however, this is not the case with poorly qualified therapists, there is a great risk that they could cause you Psychological harm  A poorly qualified therapist is unlikely to be able to obtain full medical Liability Insurance. I myself have full liability underwritten by Zurich Insurance.


  Are they offering their services for entertainment,avoid getting stuck with this guy are they actually a stage hypnotist? Do you really want to trust your Psychological well being to someone who makes fool of people on stage? No self-respecting Hypnotherapist would perform on stage.

Length of practice 

how long have they been practising, have they just finished their online course? I myself began practising in February 1990.

Number of Sessions 

This is usually a good sign of your practitioner’s competence, are they trying to convince you that you will need multiple sessions? If they are then this is a good sign that they are more interested in how much money they can extract from you rather than helping you. Any good competent therapist who has confidence in their own ability can resolve most issues with only one session.

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