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 It’s easy to stop being fussy eater with just one session

fussy eating hypnotherapy
change your eating habits in just 1 session

of fussy eating hypnotherapy to help you make the positive change. If you are told by a therapist that you are likely to need multiple sessions, then you must be talking to either someone who is poorly qualified or just unscrupulous, because only one session is needed. A fussy eater finds their selves examining every plate of food that’s placed before them to check that it meets their personal food rules. Eating with others can be a traumatic experience because they might get confronted with a food that they don’t want to try? One session of fussy eating hypnotherapy will resolve these issues.

Of course, being careful about what we eat is sensible and can be good for our health. Or for instance, if someone is in a restaurant or cafe, they don’t know whose menu they are unfamiliar with, or where they are very doubtful of the hygiene standards. Perhaps someone may have specific allergies or health conditions where certain foodstuffs can make them unwell. But for most of us, in our home cultures, it’s safe to eat pretty well anything and in these instances fussy eating hypnotherapy will be beneficial.

Fussy eating hypnotherapy and anxiety

When seeing a client for fussy eating hypnotherapy I often find the fussy eater can get caught up in a pattern of anxiety and refusal around unfamiliar or particular foods that doesn’t have any sound reason or logic. There can be many reasons for this, ranging from early childhood traumatic or uncomfortable experiences with food to maybe a disastrous issue with a certain food that just make them scared to try anything new ever again.

Fussy eating hypnotherapy – does it matter if someone is a fussy eater?

It could be argued that being fussy about food doesn’t really matter all that much, it can be a nuisance to the people around. It can be embarrassing to feel that they’ve got to refuse to eat food that others have lovingly cooked for them.  It’s a shame to be excluded from the range of tasty food experiences that others take for granted. When talking with my client If we establish that there isn’t an important health reason for them to restrict the choice of foods they eat, then using fussy eating hypnotherapy I will train their brain to expand the scope of foods for you to try, even if occasionally you eat something that upsets your digestion temporarily. And the fastest and most effective way to do this is with fussy eating hypnotherapy.

How fussy eating hypnotherapy will help to learn to eat a wider range of foods

I have over 30 years of successful experience as a hypnotherapist and have devised fussy eating hypnotherapy to leave my client:

  • feeling more and more calm about food generally
  • regularly experimenting with foods that are new to them
  • getting more relaxed when eating with others
  • enjoying tastes and textures that they may never have experienced before
  • getting the health benefits of a more varied diet

The first thing to consider when choosing a hypnotherapist is the practitioner’s qualifications. Look for a degree qualified mental health care professional — such as a psychologist, psychotherapist, psychiatric nurse practitioner, counsellor, social worker, or medical doctor — who is also a hypnotherapist. Unfortunately, there are many therapists advertising who have nothing more than an online qualification, they will usually claim to have either a diploma or certificate in Hypnotherapy, these are not recognised qualifications. You can also ask if they’re affiliated with any professional associations, such as the International Hypnotherapy Association.

If for example, a hypnotist uncovers trauma while doing hypnotherapy, they need to know how to treat trauma. In other words, having the education and training to diagnose and treat mental health conditions — which comes from being a degree qualified Psychologist — is a key component in the success of hypnotherapy and of course your safety.

For more information on how to find a qualified hypnotist, visit the following sites:

The international Hypnotherapy Association

Hypnotherapy Directory

Psychology Today

Three best rated


When choosing a hypnotherapist it is very important that you find a reputable and qualified therapist who is a member of and governed by the ethics ad standards of the International Hypnotherapy Association.

All issues can be easily helped using just one session, visit me in my Gateshead consulting room only £95 absolutely no hidden extra charges.

For anyone that lives to far away to visit me or has a limited budget I do offer all my therapies including fussy eating hypnotherapy as instant electronic downloads at only £24.95 each. For more information click here.

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