Fear of walking on ice Hypnotherapy

Fear of walking on ice Hypnotherapy;  The Pagophobic individual may fear to injure themselves by slipping on snow, ice or frost. In extreme cases, the individual suffering from Pagophobia may refuse to leave their house when they see snow, ice or frost outside.

Fear of walking on ice Hypnotherapy
Fear of walking on ice Hypnotherapy

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Pagophobia derives from the Greek phrase “paggos”, that means ice and “Phobos” which means fear.
A traumatic event at some point in the suffers life can cause the phobia.
Perhaps the Pagophobic person has always lived in a warm climate and then suddenly, for whatever reason, moved to an environment where snow, ice and frost are normal. Perhaps the person suffering from this phobia has experienced slipping on the snow or ice and was hurt or injured, or maybe they had been frostbitten at some point. Perhaps they have observed others reacted in a negative or fearful way in response to snow, ice or frost and the Pagophobic individual learned to imitate that response, in Psychology we call this vicarious reinforcement or Social Learning theory.
Whatever the cause, the Pagophobic person can suffer anxiety and emotional turmoil that’s utterly disruptive to their capability to function.


The symptoms of Pagophobia are individual and will vary from person to person. When confronted with their fear of snow, ice and frost, the sufferer may begin to perspire, feel uncomfortable or turn out to be nauseated.  This phobia can cause full-blown nervousness and panic attacks.

Hypnotherapy can quickly help no, matter what the cause Phagophobia. Most sufferers report marked differences within days and are confidently walking on Ice or Snow within a few short weeks.

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