Hypnotherapy for Children’s Nail Biting

Children’s nail-biting Hypnotherapy

Children’s nail-biting Hypnotherapy – Children’s nail-biting as with many habits and disorders, occurs on a subconscious level with the person involved not even realising what they are doing.

Childrens nail-biting Hypnotherapy

Help your child overcome this habit

However children’s nail-biting usually begins as an anxiety response.  Once established the habit can be difficult to break. This can result in ugly, jagged nails. Children’s Nail-Biting hypnotherapy is told in descriptive story form, helping to capture the imagination of a young child.


Hypnotherapy for Children

Hypnotherapy works amazingly well for children, and I can help them to deal with many issues.  Because I offer a fast and effective and affordable treatment with virtually no waiting list. Almost all issues are resolved in just one session.

A child’s life is full of discovery and learning, but that discovery and learning can also be very stressful for children. Parents often forget this, while the parents are busy taking care of life’s events, they can sometimes lose sight of the effect that those events can have on their children. That is of course until an issue arises with the child.


What is Hypnotherapy?

Hypnotherapy is a type of therapy that uses hypnosis, which is an altered state of consciousness. Contrary to myth and popular belief at no time during the session are you in a trance or unaware of your surroundings. Instead, you are in a very relaxed state of mind.

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