Asthma Relief Hypnotherapy

Asthma Relief Hypnotherapy; Asthma-related Adult deaths could be reduced by 50%.   Therefore a growing number of Doctors believe in Asthma relief Hypnotherapy.

Asthma relief Hypnotherapy

Besides that, Asthma has strong links with anxiety because many sufferers were reporting stress as a trigger for their attacks. Other sufferers are saying asthma is the cause of their anxiety.  This is why hypnotherapy is an effective method for helping individuals to cope with their condition.

Therefore Hypnotherapy has been used as a treatment for anxiety for many years.

The process involves inducing a relaxed state in the client. Therefore  I will use some methods to retrain the brain and its subconscious reactions. Therefore using Hypnosis, I will retrain the subconscious mind.

Research Evidence

Having reviewed evidence from many other studies on hypnosis for asthma they have shown that hypnosis is possibly effective for the treatment of emotional states that cause difficulties in breathing. Hypnosis is therefore useful for decreasing airway obstruction and improving airway function in some individuals, (Adapted from International Journal of Clinical and Experimental Hypnosis)

What is Asthma Relief Hypnotherapy?

Asthma Relief Hypnotherapy; Hypnotherapy is an altered state of consciousness. Besides that, Hypnosis gives the subject a sensation of complete relaxation. They will be aware of your surroundings at all times.

So that you can experience what it is like to be in the state of Hypnosis, Therefore I have included a free sample click here

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Downloads Also Available

I am making my therapies available as electronic downloads. These are genuine sessions of Hypnotherapy and should not be used while driving or operating machinery as they will induce deep relaxation.  The cost of the downloads is £25.


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